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KD. Shohan

Hey, It’s me Shohan. Who is a web-designer based on Jashore,Bangladesh.

Basically I am a web-developer with a experience of 2 years in local and International marketplaces since 2021. In addition to that I have completed a verge number of  business, e-commerce, and huge complex websites.

My Skills

Web Designer 100%
HTML 100%
CSS 100%

About Trend of globe

The beginning 2020

kd shohan

After completing my secondary school education ,  I started to get attracted by internet. From this curiosity I started to learn Website design and development from one of the best teacher of my area named ” Shoukhin Mondol “. The lessons that I received from him took me next level at web-design and made me an expert.# About Trend of globe

By the same token,  I started my freelancing career in local and online platforms. I have a huge experience in building multi purpose and complex websites like ” E-commerce, blogging and organizations ” by HTML, Css ,Javascript, and WordPress. About Trend of globe. Now it’s my project to bring all the trending news all around the globe to you by a single website within a short article.

We look forward to your stay.


To acknowledge you about all the trend and occurs happening all over the world.


Know about your environment and work to make the world better.