Axolotl Almost Extinct

Axolotl almost extinct

Basically Axolotl is a fish. But most of the people think that it is a animal. It is known as The Mexican Walking Fish. Although it’s a fish and its on the way to extinct. We should be aware of this fish or it will be extinct soon.
Axolotl Almost Extinct

Habitant Of Axolotl

Axolotl is a fish Mexico based fish. That’s why it is called The Mexican Walking Fish. Usually it lives in still-water lakes. They are spotted in Mexico’s Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco. It’s so rare to spot any Axolotl in any other spot except those.

Axolotl almost extinct

Why it’s in endangered?

They are critically endangered and way to extinct for some reason, such as over-population, minimizing habitant, over-population and separation of water. As they are not that big in size, they are considered as small eatable fish to the other big fishes. In addition to that they stay in mud to protect themself from other fish.

Diet of Axolotl almost extinct

Axolotl usually stay in mud during day and they became hungry at night and search for foods. Their main diet is more little fishes than them and larvae of fishes and other soft things available around their habitant. As they don’t have hard teeth they can’t chew their foods. They consume their diet by a suction technic. Sometimes they take little gravel as their diet which helps them to grind up foods in their belly.

The step we should take

The Axolotl has a few predators in the wilderness. The rapid urbanization is also the reason behind the extinction of this spices. We can create a better habitant of Axolotl by purify the water and decrease the pollution as we can. If we be aware of our outside environment and take necessary steps, we can make the world better and lead a healthier life than before. #animals

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