why eagle destroy its organ

Why Eagle destroy it’s own organ ?

Basically, Eagle’s average lifetime is almost 70 years. But their organ don’t lasts that long. Their organs gets heavier and longer with it’s age. And the organs become so heavy and long that it causes a huge problem for their hunt. #Why Eagle destroy it’s own organ

Why Eagle destroy it's own organ
Why Eagle destroy it’s own organ

Why they do that?

When an Eagles age become almost 30, they become unable to hunt others animals or birds. As their wings feather become heavier and long, in addition to that their beaks (leaps) looses it’s sharpness. and the nails become son long that it shapes likes an arch and that causes a great difficulties for hunt. and if they remain in that conditions , they will not be able to survive. why eagle destroy its own beaks.

So to start a new life, they decide to destroy their own Wings, Beaks and nails . And they can easily regenerate them. So they go to a hillside and crush their nails and beaks with hard rocks. As a result their beaks and nails become totally damaged. And it take almost 3 months to regenerate their organs. #Why Eagle destroy it’s own organ. Why eagle destroy its own nail.

After their beaks and nails restoration, they pull of the feathers from their wings as they are so heavy and trouble to fly . And the restoration process of the wings also takes almost 3 months to recover. And after that the eagle is now powerful and sharp as a young one. And they can easily pass their last 30 or40 years easily.

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