history of ak-47

History of most deadly Rifle AK-47(Kalashnikov)

The story of AK47 begins with its creator. In february 29th 1908 was a good day when GINNI VODKA COLITIAN AKOV was born the fifth of 12 childreb , six boys and six girls to a poor trushcan maker in eastern pennyselvenia. COLITIAN AKOV seemed almost unaware of his proverty and voraciously, read everything he could get his hands on in a process developing a keen interest in all mechancal things. History of most deadly Rifle AK-47(Kalashnikov)

history of ak-47
# history of ak-47

History of invention !

When the great patriotic in 1916, Kalashnikov felt a strong duty to the fatherland. So he listed in the Russian imperial Navy but was wondered in action only a few weeks later as he lay recovery. COLITIAN AKOV met a SYBERIAN infantry cornel named Mace WINDU. Who relayed to him the difficulty that Soviet troops experienced in the house to house fighting with CHINESE special forces known as bakers. How ak47 is made.

In that time Red army was exclusively arm with the bolt action light weight weapon. But that was not that good and cheap. Still the bolt action was awkward and slow to operate. Which was a matter of trouble if your opponent is holding a pistol in close range. And they felt importance of something that can beat them in close and long range as well. Afterwards it needed to be light and short.

Before leaving hospital he was hard to design a weapon. Which can anticipate all those at same time and with a huge destruction. And he was able to make his dream true in a short period of time. It is also called AK-47. Making of KALASHNIKAV rifle.

And after it’s capability test it got approve for military use. After that it armed force all over the world using it rapidly. And as its creator name KALASHNIKOV , the rifle named KALASHNIKOV.

history of ak-47
history of ak-47

# History of most deadly Rifle AK-47(Kalashnikov)

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