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IPhone 15 gold edition

APPLE has officially launched their brand new phone “iPhone 15” series recently. In addition to that, CAVIER has also announced about the new “iPhone 15 pro ultra gold edition” which will cost around $8890-$10390 USD based on your quantity. CAVIER is calling this devices “Ultra Gold“. Which is called normally iPhone_15_golden_edition.

Basically CAVIER is a luxury class device maker based on DUBAI. And they claims that these devices are made for “Special Personalities“. Like Celebrities, Sportsman, Politicians and Other Elite personalities

An ordinary iPhone 15 series starts from $999 USD and that goes up to $1199 USD depends on the model you choose. But if want the luxury Gold Edition version of iPhone 15 from CAVIER, it will cost you 8k-10k USD according to its manufacturer company. Here are the price with model .

iPhone 15 Pro Ultra Gold – $8890-$9890 USD
iPhone 15 Pro Max Ultra Gold- $9670-$10390 USD


CAVIER also manufactures Ultra Black, Dark Red, Titan Black, Starry Night version of the same iPhone which also cost around $8k-$10k USD. But the Ultra Black series comes with 24k Gold APPLE LOGO . And the chassis materials is Titanium PVD. But the Dark Red version of iPhone 15 comes with forged Carbon chassis and inspired from Lamborghini Sports car production. But the production of these devices will be 99 units in total. iphone_15_golden_edition.
The Price of both version given below.

iPhone 15 Pro Ultra Black – $8890-$9890 USD
iPhone 15 Pro Max Ultra Black- $9670-$10390 USD

Basically,All the edition made by CAVIER has it’s own unique qualities and significant which makes it more precious. It’s the most unique device you can gift to your peers and closest one’s. But the brand new iPhone 15 CAVIER edition will be available in Dubai as it’s manufacturer company is based on Dubai .

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