what happens while you die

what happens while you die ?

As a human being we all have to accept the sad reality but we all have the curiosity about what happens while you die. Well, a lot of things will happens to you within this short period of time. Such as…

Experience of death!

Assuredly, this could be the most painful experience of your life. In addition to that your brain will call back all the special memories of your life in a short time. While this time your vision will be like a light after end of a tunnel.

All of your body muscle will stop working and your heart will also stop working at the same time. But your brain will not stop working instantly. Your brain can still work up to 10 minutes. At this time, your body cells will start shutting down despite some blood cells which can still works for your immunity.

After that your brain is also about to shut down, and the only thing what can save you is a burst of oxygen. If somehow your brain gets some oxygen, it remain active. And if this don’t happen, most of the cells of your brain parts are gone except the one special place The Memory center. It is the last thing to switch off and before it does, it recall all your special and emotional memories.

At some cases, it has been noticed that after death of someone this part of your brain work up to 10 minutes. All this discoveries wonder us about death although we need more to know and research about it.what happens while you die

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