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Country and Economy, The global economy refers to the interconnected worldwide economic activities that take place between all the countries. Where you can explore all the country facts and about their economic system explained in a shoer paragraph article. All the country hold their own quality and beauty and their development depends on their economy system. So we are here to assist you to know about them and explore closely by our short and a single post. You can also share your opinion and if you want to explore more with us , you can contact with us or share your opinion in comment section.

history of ak-47

History of most deadly Rifle AK-47(Kalashnikov)

The story of AK47 begins with its creator. In february 29th 1908 was a good day when GINNI VODKA COLITIAN AKOV was born the fifth of 12 childreb , six boys and six girls to a poor trushcan maker in eastern pennyselvenia. COLITIAN AKOV seemed almost unaware of his proverty and voraciously, read everything he […]

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