DUAN YONGPING The tech Godfather

DUAN YONGPING The tech Godfather-behind the scene


DUAN YONGPING is a tech giant personality who always stay behind the scene and out of the knowledge of normal people. He is the owner of BBK Electronics which is also owner of popular smartphone companies such as ” ONE-PLUS, OPPO, VIVO, REALME & IQOO”. All of those companies had made him the biggest tech giant in the world although he is not that much popular. And it is almost impossible to know much about him as he like to stay behind the scene and some act of his life has been published which is also collected from some tv programs of China.

How his journey started in tech sector? #DUAN YONGPING

Mr. DUAN completed his diploma in radio technology in 1980 from a university of China. After that he graduate from a university in Beijing in economy. After graduation he took a job in a small electronics company in Zongshan city. And the company was about to bankrupt. His role in that company was to make a copy of other electronic product.

BBK electronics

At that period of time a gaming device named NINDENDO was much popular, but it was unavailable in China. So he collaborate with a chip maker company named MEDIATECH and made a gaming console like NINTENDO. And this product got famous and popular in short period of time. Mr. DUAN added some more customization to that device such as a keyboard. And he called this device ” a learning machine” and this name caught a huge attention of parents and their product became more popular.

Turning point of DUAN YONGPING

After that success he quit his job and started his own company named “BBK ELECTRONICS”. He hired 6 employs from his previous company. And the first product of BBK was a VCD player. And soon they become the largest VCD and DVD manufacturer company of China. After that they started to make mobile phone also. And BBK electronics made different sector of mobile such as ” ONE-PLUS, OPPO, VIVO, REALME & IQOO”.

And he got retired from electronics sector at the age of 49. Although those companies are much famous, it’s much predictable that most of us don’t know about it’s founder.

And that was about DUAN YONGPING The tech Godfather-behind the scene.

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