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How dollar is made

Wonder how dollar is made? No problem, we got your back. We will assist you to know the process. We will explain the process step by step .

Paper making of Dollar

The paper of dollar is not an ordinary paper like we use in our daily life. It’s the most complex paper which is made by professionals in factory.

The main elements of that paper are “Lillian and Cotton“. Firstly Lillian and Cotton get mix smoothly by water. And after that Red and Blue fibers are also gets mix with that. After that the paper gets a coating by a special machine , which can coat almost 10,000 piece of paper per hour. Then the paper gets paint by a process name Intaglio . And that makes the paper unique from all the other papers. In addition to that the paper gets press by a pressure machine which makes it more powerful to avoid stripes.

Printing Process

Now it’s time to make the paper more unique with a color changing quality. For that, they add some extraordinary color changing colors. And the metal tape takes 6-8 days to be made and its the main uniqueness of the Dollar. That tape include some graphics data. After that the tape gets clean and polished. The paper plate must take 65 tons pressure to get approve for printing.

The main ink for the printing process in Black and Color changing metallic colors. This ink is the main element , and it protect the dollar to becoming copied. They make it with secret formula. The dollar making team is huge . Almost 1500 people works here to make the dollar.

The paper plate gets another polish before getting print. Even any single mistake is not acceptable.

The professionals always check each and every single step closely. And they monitors the ink quality and printing nicely and closely. In addition to that They give more concentration to extra ink or paint. If any single dollar has any extra ink or paint, then they take it and destroy the bill. And they also check the signature of the bill, which is in the lower side of the dollar.

After passing all the test, the dollars are free to release.

how dollar is made

Final Check and Release

While, the dollar starts to come out of the printer, some specialist starts to check all the dollar once again. Mainly the signature of the dollar gets check once again. They observe the extra ink and spot of the bills. After manual checking , it’s type to check the dollar by computer. The system uses camera and special software to check the dollars. But If the bill has any spot, the computer rejects it.

After passing all the test, the bills get a nice and perfect cut and packed. After that they add some special pack for packaging. Each pack contains 100 notes and a white strip on its pack. In addition to that, the value number of the dollar gets print on the white strip. Multiple bundles of the bills gets use to make a cash brick. And multiple cash bricks make a cash package. And every package contains 16k notes.

Now it’s ready to release. After that, Special team deliver the notes to the banks .

By KD.Shohan

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