how to make chocolate at home

Worried how to make chocolate at home ?
We got your back. Here are all the information and guides to make chocolates at home with Cocoa beans. Easiest way to make chocolate at home.
All the short guide that you have to follow is-

  • Cut the Cocoa fruit and extract the beans
  • Ferment the beans several days
  • Roast the beans
  • Blend them in a blinder
  • Grind them in a grinder and add sugar content
cocoa beans
cocoa beans

1. Extract beans from Cocoa fruit

To make chocolate at home, you have to select a proper cocoa fruit specially the brown one is best to make chocolates. Then cut the fruit and extract all the beans out of it. The outer section of the beans is also eatable, it taste tiny sweat flavor. But the inner section of the seeds might not taste much good now.

2. Process for ferment the beans

After extracting the beans, you have to dry the beans to catch the flavors. For instance you can cover them in a pot and cover the whole beans up to down by banana leaves. It allows the beans to catch flavors and away from open air.
It take about several days to make itself ready to be roasted.

chocolate seeds dry

3. Roast the dried beans – how to make chocolate at home

Extract the outer soft layer from the chocolate seeds. Make the beans smaller by smashing or cutting them. It assists to become roasted quickly and properly.
Now leave the beans in an oven to dry up for sometime until it become hard as dry and gain the dark brown color. #how to make chocolate at home

roasted chocolate seeds

4.Blend and make smaller pieces of seeds

Now take those roasted beans and put them in a moisturizer blinder to blend and to make power out of the beans it may take few minutes.

chocolate grind
chocolate grind

5. Last step- grind them and customize as your wish – how to make chocolate at home

But the blender is not able to maker the powder so smooth, that’s why you have to put them into a grinder to make softer and add some water. It normally take about 19 hours to get the exactly same smoothness as normal chocolate. It’s better if you grind them overnight. Now after gaining the smoothness you can add sugar to make the chocolate taste much better. And some milk to bring a milk flavor to the chocolate.
#how to make chocolate at home

Now you can put the mixture in a tray and fridge it to make eatable chocolates like the one from shops.
Enjoy with your favorite person.

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