History of Kurdistan

History of Kurdistan

Geographic location of Kurdistan

Basically, Kurdistan is not a officially recognized country worldwide. It’s a proposed country by a nation called “KURD”. It’s located in some part of Arabian country ” TURKEY, SYRIA, IRAQ, IRAN and ARMENIA “. The Kurd’s are struggling to build a new country for only KURD’s nation and the proposed name of the country is KURDISTAN. In addition to that, Kurd’s are the biggest multitude, who don’t have any citizenship of of any country.
History of Kurdistan

Why Kurd’s don’t have officially citizenship?

Although, Kurd’s is a group of a huge number of population, they don’t have any citizenship of any country. The biggest reasons for that is, they are not native people of those country’s. There are a huge difference between native citizen and Kurd’s such as Lineage, Culture and language. Those things were making a huge difference between them and they are rejected for citizenship.

Story of Kurdistan

Rise of Kurd’s ( History of Kurdistan )

Then they realized that they are living in those areas for a long period of time and they should come together to make a new country and nation. And they decided to make their dream true.

After world war 1 they got a promise that they will get a free country for themself. But after 3 years, the powerful countries of that time signed in a contract named Treaty Of Lausanne. Which decided the new border of TURKEY , but the proposal of Kurd’s new country got rejected. And they didn’t get any situatable land for their habitant. And the Kurd’s was declared as minority population from all the country where they were living. After that time , no matter how much time Kurd’s tried to struggle for a independent country , they always got rejected.

They always got rejected from every opportunities even from fundamental rights. Although after that almost 300000 Kurds people applied for citizenship, but they all got rejected once again. Their properties were taken illegally and got gifted to some Arabs.
History of Kurdistan

Last situation of Kurd’s ( History of Kurdistan)

Almost 80% of the president of TURKEY was from Kurd’s population. By the same token, a survey was held in IRAQ, and the result of the survey showed that almost 90% of the populations want a free country for Kurd’s. But the PM of IRAQ rejected that survey. In the same time , a govt operation was held in those Kurd’s area , as a result Kurd’s lost a city named Kirkod which was fully reserved by oil.

After all that struggle and protest the Kurd’s didn’t get declared as citizen of those country, neither they got the KURDISTAN as their own country. But they didn’t gave up. They are struggling in every day for their own land and country.#kdshohan

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