World's Largest Traffic Jam ever recorded

World’s Largest Traffic Jam ever recorded -suez Canal

World’s Largest Traffic Jam ever recorded took place in Suez Canal and the jam took about 8 years to clear up. And that jam affect so badly almost worldwide economical and shipping industry .

How this jam took place?

Well, the main reason behind this was the war of EGYPT & ISRAEL which stayed about 6 years. Let’s observe this closely !

world's largest jam
world’s largest jam


So it was about that period when EGYPT & ISRAEL was ready to declare a war against each other. The war was mainly based on a area called Sinai Peninsula , which was like a border between that two countries. # World’s Largest Traffic Jam ever recorded

Suddenly without any argument Israel attacked on Egypt with rockets. The effect of the attack was so bad that Egypt shut down the canal immediately. And in upcoming 6 days Israel force was able to take over of Sinai Peninsula. As a result the Suez canal became the new border between them. And to stop Israel , Egypt destroyed their own canal and place mine in different underwater places.

Egypt vs Israel war

Jam took place !

For the destruction of the canal , all the ships those were in or around the canal got stucked. Beside that there were 15 big ships which were in The Great Brittain lake got stuck as well.

They were unable to move because the entrance and the exit was surruended by Egyptians and Israel army , and they were unable to move. The only options of those ships was just one which was to stay there until the war ends.

All the other ships had to move by the other way as the canal was closed which increased the cost of transport worldwide.

How the jam got cleared ?

After 6 years at 1972 , the war started again. This time the attack was from Egypt and they was able to took back their own land after 6 years. However those two countries signed an argument that ends the war and their bond between two country became more strong.

Finally this was the time to revive the canal once again. This procedure took about more 2 years as there was numerous mine and dead ships.

And after 8 years the jam was cleared and the transport system was revived once again. By the same token, worlds biggest jam was finally cleared.

Egypt finally took back their land
Egypt finally took back their land

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