history of ak-47

History of most deadly Rifle AK-47(Kalashnikov)

The story of AK47 begins with its creator. In february 29th 1908 was a good day when GINNI VODKA COLITIAN AKOV was born the fifth of 12 childreb , six boys and six girls to a poor trushcan maker in eastern pennyselvenia. COLITIAN AKOV seemed almost unaware of his proverty and voraciously, read everything he

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iphone_15_golden_edition Trend of globe

IPhone 15 gold edition

APPLE has officially launched their brand new phone “iPhone 15” series recently. In addition to that, CAVIER has also announced about the new “iPhone 15 pro ultra gold edition” which will cost around $8890-$10390 USD based on your quantity. CAVIER is calling this devices “Ultra Gold“. Which is called normally iPhone_15_golden_edition. Basically CAVIER is a

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